Are You Malicious Intent?

I am a calculated risk taker. I experience new things...I LIVE.

I am the guy running the front office from the field. I am making an Impact. I silently set the bar...not only for myself, but for generations to come. I take in the wisdom of past generations, twist it, spin it and use it to my advantage. I will roll the dice and take a chance to change the outcome...I don’t just push the envelope; I shove it in the direction I am going. I am the one taking it to a “NEW” level...The guy that you silently wish you could be, but don’t have enough self-esteem to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

I defy the standard and laugh at YOUR expectations...and I set the stage for my own personal success.
I don’t come to fight, But I will If you get in my way... It’s about progress and I’m moving forward.... making money and doing it with a wake of fury.

My way is not new, my views are not a part of some secret “new” society. It’s about me and my vision of conquering the world. Either with you or without you, I will...Stand back.... watch and see.

I AM Malicious Intent.